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recorded at Studio 66 Bridgewater SA Jan 2004
mixed at Hank's Folly Wapengo NSW 2004

RIP Margaret 1945-2003



released April 4, 2004

voice & instruments - menu
voice & guitar on "Secret Weapon" - W. COQ
production - Ben W


all rights reserved



Cottage Industry Recordings

Shambolist, lo-fi, COQ rock and jam music, lovingly hand-tooled by bedroom producer Ben W.

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Track Name: Luxuries
I, I never thought I'd work hard at something I hate
But I, I just can't bear the look on my sweet lover's face
When she tells me we'll get nothing for free
It's a fine, fine luxury

I, I never thought I'd give up on something I'd made
But I, I just couldn't tear myself from my sweet mother's face
When she told me what I couldn't believe
It's a fine, fine luxury

It's so fine

Love's a fine luxury
Life's a fine luxury
Song's a fine luxury
Track Name: Start/Rhythm
I watch the start of the river
I watch the rise of the sun
And it's over but it's only just begun
And it's older when it's only just begun

I walk the start of the rhythm
I want the high road to come
And I'm older but I've only just begun
Is it over?

I know what I fear
Good clothes, nice hair
I wanna find somewhere
Where no-one knows me, and no-one cares

But I'm older, and I've only just begun
Is it over, when it's only just begun?
Track Name: (She’s My) Secret Weapon
She looks good in tight pants
Knows how to fuck, knows how to dance
She got style, got taste
Gotta let her swing, she'll go to waste

Everybody telling me
Stand tall so there's something to see
She the only one agree
Till the walls fall we'll keep it low key

She turns on when I want her to be
Can't stop when she's talking to me
She's my secret weapon

I get stuck among fakes
Forget my lines, get the shakes
I want calm, I want peace
I tried the west, I tried the east

She got the body, it's killing me
Can't fall cos she can't let me be
Hit the town and get the feeling
When they all call they stop me from dreaming

She looks good when she's walking with me
Can't stop when she's talking to me
She's my secret weapon
Track Name: Wanted Alive
It's all right, we're together
It's all over now
It's all right, we're together
But we lost her somehow

Where'd you go woman?
You're wanted alive
We let you go woman
But you're wanted alive

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