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by W. COQ

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recorded at Studio 66 Bridgewater SA Dec 2003
mixed & edited at Hank's Folly Wapengo NSW 2004

"a future empire, song is outlawed"



released April 4, 2004

voice & instruments - W. COQ
production - Ben W.


all rights reserved



Cottage Industry Recordings

Shambolist, lo-fi, COQ rock and jam music, lovingly hand-tooled by bedroom producer Ben W.

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Track Name: Future Empire
But the future would not be a time of progress
Technology had stalled, imploded
Our world was primitive
But like all primitives we had our magic...

A future empire, song is outlawed
For your own safety
I lose my temper, I want more
You can't replace me
Make 'em set fire, fuck 'em all
Let 'em chase me
Set to expire, set to fall
But I escape, see

Walk through the centre
They're on patrol
Dare to enter
Broken hole

A future empire
But I escaped

And there below me the gaping maw of the void
A thin tightrope stretched across it
But I fall... through centuries
And emerge

Things are gonna fall
You'd better get ready
Life ain't just a ball
There ain't always plenty
Track Name: Skinny Mofo
C'mon now
C'mon now, yeah
Got something to tell you
I think you should know
Don't take no shit from no-one
That's how it goes

I don't back down easy
I ain't a super n**ga, I'm a little skinny motherfucker
I don't back down easy
It's all about who gets who first though
Y'know what I'm saying?

Polite conversation
(I'm so glad you're hear, no really though)
Don't compare
(Someone hit me upside the head)
The right affirmation
(I could give a fuck what you do anyhow)
Is not to care
(Someone hit me up, hit me up)
A shite imitation
(I love you babe, can you feel me though)
No-one cares
(I'ma make it to the top ten)
A blight on the nation
(Howard* suck my dick and I'll take you doggystyle, ho)
Au contraire
(I'm a make it big, make it big)

Just a skinny motherfucker

I've been doin' this shit for years
And it ain't like I'm trying to be a tough guy
Or I'm trying to make people think I'm crazy
I'm a little skinny motherfucker...

(* John Howard, ex-prime minister of Australia, scumbag)
Track Name: Gauntlet
Some old bullshit
Track Name: More COQ
It's gettin' late, gotta sleep
But I hate to break a date with the beat
Cheap-sounding but it's all I could make
With the shit I begged, borrowed plus the fake
Morphine, which I took from my mums (his mums)
Makes it kinda hard to see the buttons
I make mistakes, save what I can
Can't say the song's proceeding to plan
I'm bleeding, needing, falling, flying, don't give a damn
Wrote my lyrics in the kitchen now I can't make 'em scan
I'm sick of bitchin', now I've run out of weed
I pour a whiskey but it's not what I need
I need more, more, more of all the good things in life
Fuck the damage, I can manage, savage heartache and strife
Don't wanna stop now but the sun's comin' round
Ain't gonna lay down till I'm knocked to the ground
Gimme more!

Gimme more, gimme more, gimme mine then
In the day, in the light, in the night then
Gimme more, gimme more till it's frightenin'
Till the day glowin' on the horizon

Gimme some more

That's right
W. COQ is back again
Spell it C-O-Q
More COQ, and more to come

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